My favorite people are adults especially those who want me as their only child. I am a bit hesitant at 1st, but when I have trust and love I will return my devotion. Getting outside for walks is fun and I will stay by your side most of the time. If...
Looking for a running buddy? Or hiking buddy? Or road trip buddy? Look no further! I can do it all-run, swim and be your precious companion at the same time. I love being active and getting my exercise in-think you can keep up with me, hooman?
I would like to have you notice my lovely looks and spirit so barking is my way of trying to get your attention. I get so excited I jump all over if I think we are going outside - I just can't help myself. What I really want to do is get outside and go for a good walk. Stopping along the way so you can rub my belly is something that I like a lot. I'm a confident, outgoing gal who likes to spend...
What happens when you cross a German Shepherd with a hound dog? Homer! This wonderful guy is a 9-ten month old GSD x Coonhound. He has the body of a German Shepherd and the bay and face of the Coonhound. He is 1 of the goofiest dogs you could hope to...
Tia Dalma is nice side companion. She loves to be next to you even if you're just lounging on the couch watching tv. She is very good listener as well as very good at learning new tricks. She loves to be spoiled with treats. She does have suffer from speration anxiety so I am looking for someone who has the extra time to give her. She is good with other animals (cats, rabbits, smaller dogs) and...
I'm a dapper old gentleman who knows the value of a cozy bed. I'm laid-back and absolutely love a nice ear scratch. I'm just fine with time to myself also... just give me a warm, sunny spot to nap, and I'm about as happy as they come. Do I sound like the perfect companion for you?
I am a fun kind of guy and have actually gone out with Adventure Pets, so we can go anywhere together. It is so much fun to hike around and walk through streams, especially if I get to go with a buddy. When you get to know me, you will see I am quiet and reserved, but am very wonderful. I am up for anything so get to know me.
I am kind of quiet and reserved until I get to know you. I share my affection once we know each other, you might say when we are friends. Getting outside to sniff and explore everything is a highlight of my day. I also like to roll in the grass as many times as you will let me!
I have a big, lovable personality. I do get excited when we are going to go out for a walk, and will tell you how happy I am. Yes - I will talk to you. Sometimes I pull on the leash a bit, but for the most part, I want to be with my person when we are out exploring. Walking in the grass is really nice. It gives me the chance to roll around, and oh yeah, you can give me a belly rub. I also like ...
Besides being a very pretty girl, I am young and my enthusiasm bubbles through. Yes, I jump around to get attention. I am very playful and when I know you can be very affectionate. My dream is to live with people who are active and want to walk and play with me. It does not get much better than that.
I am a bit shy at 1st. But get to know me and you will see I am extra adorable and easy to walk. I like to stay pretty close by your side when we are on a walk, but I am also very playful and energetic and we can have lots of fun together!
I am young and fun, and am just a very happy guy which you can see based on the speed my tail wags when people come to visit me. I do get pretty excited when we are going outside on a walk - that being said, I am well behaved and know how to sit when asked. Sniffing everything along the path is so much fun. I do like to explore, but I like being with my person.
I am very wonderful. Being in a new place makes me a bit nervous so I might seem kind of shy. But once we get to know each other I will come out of my shell. I really like to get outside and will walk right by your side. A pat on the head reassures me that everything is okay.
As you can see, I am a high energy and fun girl. I get so excited when people come to visit especially if it means getting out for a walk. It is likely you will see me jump around to celebrate the possibilities. I do love to sniff each and everything we see on our walks. I actually know how to sit when you ask, but sometimes in all the excitement you may need to ask a couple times.
I know my face is attractive and expressive. The lines on my forehead help me express my thoughts, respond to your comments, and try to understand everything around me. I really don't worry about a lot, except when we are going for a walk and do you have my favorite treat. Going out for walks and smelling everything along the way is something I excel in. I will walk by your side, so we can go a...
I'm distinguished and sophisticated, yet sometimes shy at 1st glance. I may take a bit to open up to you but then BAM! My personality is out and you better be ready for it! I enjoy car rides, sniffing the ground on a great walk, and laying in your lap. I'm also charming. I prefer commitment-none of this "open relationship" nonsense. Could you be a match for me? If so, take me home now!
Name: Daphne 4248 Age: approx 5 years Color: Black Coat: Short Sex: Female/spayed Size: Tweenie 17lbs. THIS DOG IS BEING FOSTERED IN RENO, NEVADA. Daphne was picked up off the streets in Roseville California, about 90 mis west of Reno Nevada ...
At 1st glance, I might appear to have a ruff, set in my ways exterior but once you give me belly rubs, youll see my true colors and that Im not too old for new tricks. I love to hang out with my family around the house, enjoy grabbing some rays out...
Have I caught your eye? Great! My look is unique and my personality is too! I'm playful and energetichence, I need an active, full grown person to take me home! I'd like to meet the entire family (including any doggies) before making a commitment to you, b...
Allow me to introduce myself. I'm distinguished and sophisticated, yet sometimes shy at 1st glance. I may take a bit to open up to you but then BAM! My personality is out and you better be ready for it! I enjoy car rides, sniffing the ground on a g...
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