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I have decided to sell my old Homelite C-51 chain saw. This is a very cool old saw made between 1964-1967.This is a 77cc saw and runs like a ch, and cuts pretty well too. I used it last summer, but just for the sounds. Its loud but sounds awesome. The chain could use a little love but its not bad. Its an old saw so dont expect to use it like a normal one.Has a manual oiler that works. It does l...
Brand new Noveske NSR skinny rail. 13.5" Chainsaw. CHAINSAW grade components are perfect for the user who plans on using his rifle as a tool. Parts that do not make it past NOVESKE stringent quality control for minor cosmetic blemishes, are branded CHAINSAW. These culled parts will still deliver the same performance you can expect from a NOVESKE product. List at $269.95. my price is $180. Firm ...
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